Locum Barista is London's leading dedicated Barista recruitment service providing experienced Baristas for permanent position and long or short term temporary cover to coffee shops, restaurants, in-house canteen/coffee bars and corporate events. All Baristas are carefully chosen for their coffee making skill, customer service and coffee art, some of which is pretty amazing. Our customer base is predominantly in London and the South of England but by demand we are expanding to service customers regional branches across the country. 

Looking to recruit an experienced temporary or full time Barista?

Finding a good Barista can be so time consuming and it's important to find someone that fits in. We will find you a Barista that knows and makes really good coffee, that understands the importance of friendly customer service and has a natural willingness to help where ever's needed.

Full Time Barista Recruitment Fee:                                                           To give you a clear reference of costs and trading details, please email us for a copy of our 'Terms of Service'. But to give you a quick insight, clients commissioning Locum Barista to source a barista for a full time, salaried position, we simply charge a fee of 20% of the agreed annual salary.

Temporary Baristas

We provide experienced temporary Baristas to coffee bars, restaurants, exhibitions, conferences, festivals and events.

If your'e short staffed and need an experienced Barista to help out for a day or two, our Baristas make great coffee and are helpful and friendly.

Experienced Baristas are essential. Our Baristas are able to set grinders, dial up the coffee machines and make great coffee. They also understand the importance of friendly and helpful customer service.                                                                               email: or call me on: 0789 869 3371                

Experienced Baristas

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We are constantly looking for experienced baristas. 

Locum Barista clients vary from the big national chain coffee shops, independent coffee shops, in-house retail and corporate coffee shops, coffee shops in public sector institutions such as NHS hospitals and the houses of parliament, museums, theatres and concert halls, restaurants, hotels, event specialists and catering companies.

The Way it Works

When our coffee shop customers tell us they need a barista in the area you are looking to work, we will contact you to tell you about the position details and interview date. 

Baristas - Email or text us your name, mobile number and where you would like to work. For example, London, Portsmouth or Cardiff.

Need a full time barista job?

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Are you a Barista? or Need a Barista?

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Locum Barista provide a coffee bar management service to in-house corporate and co-working space coffee bars, canteens and lunch areas.

The growing approach of certain sector companies to provide a congenial and friendly in-house coffee bar style meeting area and canteen is fast becoming recognised as an integral marketing tool to benefit both staff and clients.

Our experience of staffing and managing in-house and co-working space coffee bars across London has given us a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn't. 

We can help with:   Design and layout - Equipment choice and installation - Equipment upkeep and maintenance - Supplier advice - Stock control - Staffing

We will constantly introduce new ideas to keep your coffee bar fresh, fun and interesting, while always keeping in mind your company ethos and desired projected image within your industry.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can make great coffee for you.


MAC'S CAFE - TOOTING "Finding a good Barista can be so time consuming and using Locum Barista took the pressure off. They sent us a stream of really good Baristas to interview. It's really important for a small team like us to find someone that fits in and we did just that. And being able to spread the recruitment fee of the months was very helpful. Definitely use Locum Barista again as and when we expand".

Barnaby - "I love it. I'm a professional barista and work everyday with Locum Barista, all over London. Some of the places I work are so interesting, places you'd never think of going. And if I want a day off, I just let them know".

Dulcie - "I'm a fashion student in London. I work with Locum Barista most weekends and through the holidays. I even get specifically asked for by one of the big company's".

LOCUM BARISTA - Non Circumvention

For a period of up 30 weeks from the date of the last shift involving relevant parties engaged via Locum Barista, Clients or Baristas agree not to engage in a contract for services or employment outside Locum Barista, without using Locum Barista services.

Clients employing a Barista engaged via Locum Barista directly for any employment or contracts outside of Locum Barista without seeking prior consent will be charged a recruitment fee of £2000. 

Temporary or Long Term Receptionist cover